Wedding Colours For Brides

Wedding colour trends have undergone a sea change from days gone by to the present. Colour choices are intensely personal and tend to represent the heart and personality of the bride or the bride’s family. It’s good to choose something that could really make a personal statement about you and your loved one.

Whether you opt for a traditional and truly classic white, cream and ivory palette or for subtle pastel colour tones of different shades of pink, remember that it’s very easy to overdo it. While it’s okay to be adventurous, it’s best, if you are thinking of using some of the brighter colours, to incorporate these by adding accents in the way of table accessories and linens or bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s also best to go for a classic, elegant wedding dress with the bolder and brighter colours.

For brides who want an even more daring look, consider featuring colours like black plum, maroon, brown and orange. However, bold colours must be used with caution as they can easily be overdone and can sometimes come across as too warm.

One of the hottest wedding colours, because it’s so versatile, is bright orange. Peach tones can be used to offset bright orange and this can be a truly adventurous colour combination for the daring bride.

Vera Wang collection

Classic White collection

Vera Wang collection

Pink collection

Scarlet Red and Crimson collection

Scarlet Red and Crimson collection

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colour chart

Wedding Colour Chart
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Bright yellow and turquoise, green and yellow, and green and lavender colour combinations look really good because they compliment each other so well.

Brown and pink, and brown and blue pairs are for the truly audacious and extraordinary ones. If used correctly they can exude an air of softness and humility.

Monochromatic colours will give a more muted effect and are a good choice for the less bold ones.

These wedding colour trends will just serve as a guide in planning the colours of your special day. A little experimentation with colour can sometimes yield fun results for the adventurous bride and produce a special wedding.

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