Price List for Tables, Chairs & Equipment

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Cocktail – 600mm Stainless Steel P.O.A.
Cocktail – 900mm P.O.A.
Rectangular – 1.8M P.O.A.
Round -1.2M P.O.A.
Round – 1.5M P.O.A.
Round – 1.8M P.O.A.
Round – 1.0M Plastic P.O.A.
Bar Stools – Black P.O.A.
Bar Stools – Chrome Z-shaped P.O.A.
Black Padded Folding Chairs Max 60 P.O.A.
White Plastic Chairs P.O.A.
Marquee Frames
Freestanding 6m & 9m Marquees /M2 P.O.A.
Temporary enclosing of patios P.O.A.
Carpet – 10m Red Runner P.O.A.
Carpet – Tiles Mottle Green /M2 P.O.A.
Flooring /M2 P.O.A.
Dance Floors Parquet /M2 P.O.A.
Stages – 1.2m x 2.4m including skirts P.O.A.
Chandelier – 9 Light classic P.O.A.
Chandelier – Wrought Iron 5 Arm P.O.A.
Chandelier – Wrought Iron 8 Arm P.O.A.
Spotlights – Double Bank P.O.A.
Uplighters – Assorted Colours Par 38 P.O.A.
Fairy Lights 10m P.O.A.
Lighting Dimmers P.O.A.
Halogen Spotlights – Tripod Double P.O.A.
Party Lights – 25m 7 Globes P.O.A.
Party Lights – 45m 13 Globes P.O.A.
Extension Cord 10m P.O.A.
Umbrella & Base – 2.7m Green/Cream P.O.A.
Gazebo – 3m x 3m White P.O.A.
Heating Equipment
Hot Trays P.O.A.
Urn – 20L P.O.A.
Electric Soup Warmer P.O.A.
Chaffer – Rectangular P.O.A.
Chaffer – Round P.O.A.
Flat Top Gas Griller P.O.A.
Patio Heater & Gas P.O.A.
Spirit Jellies P.O.A.
1. We also do Miscellaneous Function Hire & Manufacturing of Linen. All Prices Available on Request
2. We are not registered for VAT and all prices are Net & Subject to Change Without Notice & Availability
3. Price List is effective 2018-02-01