How Fabric Draping Can Transform Your Event

Draping and Fairy-Lights

Draping and Fairy-Lights can transform an event -- click to enlarge

When it comes to planning your upcoming function, draping is a design element that is often overlooked — it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

However, along with lighting it is possibly the best use of your decorating budget and will deliver the most “bang for your buck.”

Event Fabric Draping serves two practical functions. First, it helps to reduce noise levels in spaces with hard surfaces. Second, it highlights special areas such as entrances, cake tables and head or main tables and can serve as a perfect backdrop for photographing your event. For marquees and tents, it’s a must and no other decorative element has such a dramatic impact for the amount of money spent.

Create a stunning transformation of your venue with Event Draping. Soften the room, adding a gentler touch. Visually communicate glamour and inspiration. If it’s done right, draping actually heightens the atmosphere in the room so that each and every guest will feel the difference. Stylized Fabric Draping will add drama and interest to your event.

3 thoughts on “How Fabric Draping Can Transform Your Event

  1. Hello,

    I would like I enquire about possible red or dark purple velvet draping hire for a Madame Zingara theme? The price and if you have the quantity needed please.

    Many thanks

  2. good day i would like to find out if you have baby pink & silver round taffeta table cloths with matching seat covers and napkins that i can hire.

    thank you

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